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me n my duffiness -- am over caffeinated
By: ira aziz

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Sunday, 28-Dec-2008 14:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
comienzo días

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 and Happy New Year 2009 to all. Time to prepare my resolutions for the next 365days.. Well, as per now, times are harsh, with the global economy falling like a slide. But that only illustrates the added need for us to brace ourselves and be resilient against the crunch. Let us all surf more bravely and united against the waves, and pave way for a better, wonderful 2009..

I was really excited and looking forward to the procession but it was being canceled due to the rain.. the conferment went awesome though.. i had a great day and i just wanna say thanks to those who make that day happens

Also, its really so sweet of all of you who came and sent me flowers and prezzie on my commencement day, just so you know i appreciate it so so soo much

Super thanks to the fantabulous photographers, ZEED , IZUES, ATOY for these beautiful photos

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Saturday, 6-Dec-2008 21:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
más de palabras: la graduación

Results are in!!! I shall not go into details of my results. All that matters is this BEAUTIFUL sentence.

2008 Award: Bachelor of Engineering with Honours with xxxx.

Isn't that sentence just awesome? Alhamdulillah, I love that line. The feeling was awesome and nostalgic. It is such a weight off my shoulders and I am relieved. This year was really intense and I am just relieved it is over and I survived. Budak2 UTP da nak setahun kije, the price to pay sbb belaja jauh2.. But I am grateful with the life I had these 4 years

All in all, I'm utterly psyched to go home.. Counting, 26days, Malaysia here I come..

ps: Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha..

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Wednesday, 12-Nov-2008 08:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hoguera la noche

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here.. doing engineering of all things. Is this really the path I supposed to be doing? I’m done with my exam, just. Weird thing is I don’t feel a thing. Relieved? Nervousness? Fear? Anticipated? Not a thing, perhaps I was too tired, fully saturated and dehydrated after my final paper, the 8 hour design exam. Can you believed it, 8 freaking long hours. (Yet, I don't mind another hour of designing.) But I’m not entirely sure how well did I do just now. What if this is one of those times where I am under the illusion that I’ve done enough but I am actually not? Now, just tawakal and pray for the best.

On the other hand, I am really grateful for the attention and support you gave me beb, thank you so soo much.

These were taken last Tuesday to celebrate the Guy Fawkes Day with my friends. The night was perfect besides the fact that it was freezing cold, 0C in summer, hmmm..If only I have a SLR and a tripod, I could be able to take awesome pixs like Yazid did, huhu

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Sunday, 26-Oct-2008 01:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cita (de ellos para mí)

“I know love is unconditional. My heart - It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it’s trying to escape because it doesn’t belong to me anymore. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange - no gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion... Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine.” (Stardust)

"Cintailah orang yang engkau cintai sewajarnya, karena siapa tahu ia akan menjadi musuhmu di lain waktu, dan bencilah musuhmu itu sewajarnya, karena siapa tahu dia menjadi sahabatmu di lain waktu."

"If you want to be happy, find a guy who loves you wholeheartedly; not someone you love unconditionally"

"At the end of the day, we are just humans, and love is fleeting for us, which is why we are not meant to anchor ourselves fully to the ideals of love, and love for Allah is meant to be a priority over everything else.”

...perhaps my insistence at friendship was premature.

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Sunday, 12-Oct-2008 01:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mi nueva cámara

As we walk our paths in the hands of our own, little do we always know what lies ahead of us. We are born with the feeling of senses, emotions and unexplainable thoughts. We cried at times, when we felt useless and down, when the whole world seems moving away from us. We felt happy when the things we do right, angry when all turns out in the wrong direction. The Universe is unlimited and has more resources than you can imagine, so let’s just open and raw, shall we?

Selamat tinggal Cik IXUS.. bukannyer tujuanku untuk menggantikanmu, but you were never mine to begin with.. bye2 cik puteh, di kau adlh yg terbaik yang pernah kumiliki..

I love how when someone else starts liking photography, that I know of. I tend to start to want to take photos more too. I was dying from working so hard, but hey, I got to my new camera now, sooo that made things all the much better (I did consider SLR, tp berat and bulky sgt ler) But now my cell is officially dead la pulak. Thanks to Boh, for lending me his cell though. I am now considering of buying iphone, but since I am not working as much anymore, this might be unachievable. Hmmmm...

Selamat datang camera baruku.. welkam cellphone Boh

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